Announcement: Korg Digital Pianos

Korg are recognized as producing some of the best top end stage digital pianos around. They were founded in 1962 and released their first product (a rhythm machine) the following year. They have lead the way in many technological breakthroughs their most famous one being the introduction of using sample plus synthesis sound design.

They are not as visibly popular as other brands simply because they appeal more to the professional than the normal household. However they do produce some great quality instruments that provide value for money. In particular the pianos allow for real expressive performances due to the grand piano realistic weighted keys.

Most Popular Korg Digital Pianos

Korg produce stage pianos (SP series) and lifestyle digital pianos (LP series) as well as workstation products, synthesizers, keyboards and professional arranger pianos (ultimate songwriting and composition station with mic). Below are the most popular models.

Korg SP170 – 88 key digital piano. This is Korgs affordable piano suitable for the novice as well as more experienced player. It has a natural weighted hammer action, 3 level touch sensitivity, 10 sounds, built in quality speakers, reverb and chorus.

Korg SP250 – portable digital stage piano. All the features of realistic feel and sound on a robust portable model. The stand and pedal are included with the piano. Great value for a professional system.

Korg LP350 – home lifestyle upright digital piano. This piano has a slim line design and is therefore popular as a space saving alternative to an acoustic piano. It comes with three level touch sensitivity, 88 key weighted hammer action with Korg RH 3 technology (This means that each key is weighted independently just like an acoustic piano has heavier keys on the lower end of the register and progressively get lighter as you go towards upper keys), stereo sampling and a huge range of effects, voices and controls.

You can read more information and reviews of these Korg Digital Pianos below.

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